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Illustration has been one of the key skills a designer must posses. With the advent of digital tablets combined with software like Photoshop, the artist is no longer confined by the limitations of traditional media and the speed is also doubled. For beginners, getting used to the tablets is just a matter of time but knowing the right tools in the software can be quite daunting  So I've come up with a list of sites which offer video tutorials for people who are just trying out the exciting world of digital art. Hope this roundup helps!


CTRL PAINT is one site which will solve all your digital painting woes. The quality of tutorials are amazing and each tutorial is very short and spot on. I would recommend this to anyone who is a complete photoshop newbie.


PSD tuts+ was always a trusted resource for normal photoshop tutorials but recently I've been seeing a lot of tutorials related to digital art and matte painting. They have even come up with a complete session for newbies so check it out.


This site is pretty popular for the youtube channel of the same name. The making-of videos are just amazing and there are tutorials for people new to drawing too.

These sites should get you started and please comment if you have anything to share

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