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"Blender is a free open source 3d application capable of modelling,rendering and animation."
This awesome software makes it easy for any designer to get iniatiated into the 3d cult without spending a single buck. Not convinced?
check out these animations entirely done in blender.

Artists also use blender to build concepts and its also used in motion graphics. Here are a few examples:


This software is an all rounder and its free. Hobbyists and professionals from all over the world are using blender to create amazing animations and artworks and maybe you should start your journey into 3d with blender.

Here's 5 reasons why blender is the right choice:
  1. FREE:  yea some times there is some something called free-lunch
  2. Intuitive interface: first timers feel its complex but after some time you feel that its the most intuitive interface.
  3. Huge developer community: Never run out of technical support
  4. Training is cheap: User made tutorials are plenty and learning is pretty easy.
  5. Its FREE: yes I am repeating the same point because many 3d applications like max or maya cost a bomb and students or freelancers cant  afford them. Blender is the best choice.

Where to download:
Latest version is 2.57b

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I hope this helps you to get started in the wonderful world of 3D and post any questions or feedback in the comment section.
Have an awesome and creative day!

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wow!!! These are stunning picture and videos. I don't know about blender. By using blender you did this wonderful animations and artworks. this is great.Thanks for this great post.

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