Awesome Photoshop Roundup for Beginners

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After deciding to learn photoshop whether for basic retouching or extreme digital art, beginners are often left confused due to the sheer number of tutorial sites out there. Here I will simplify the process and  list out the best sites for you to refer and become a master in Adobe Photoshop. First of all before starting your Photoshop learning journey just check this great Mashable post for beginners.

PSDtuts+ is the one-stop web resource for all your photoshop queries because the site has covered almost everything from basics to the most advanced tutorials. The content writers are top-notch and apart from this check out other Tuts+ network site, they are damn useful.

Abduzeedo has a weird sounding name but the tutorials over there are mind-blowing. This blog was started by the Brazilian designer Fabio Sasso, very talented designer and he occasionally writes for PSDtuts+ also.

 Tutorial9 is the most useful site for beginners.Why? you might ask, its because it covers even the trivial stuff which the bigger sites like PSDtuts sometime miss. 

Here you will find quality tutorials and its regularly updated.

One more awesome resource to check out. 

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